Zwift Update Released 1.42

The latest Zwift update has just been released. Zwift game version 1.42 is gradually being rolled out to all platforms!


After a few more minor releases, Zwift is back with another major game release. This release includes the addition of the updated action bar, the teleport feature, and the all-new Repack Rush.

Repack Rush

Repack Rush is a pretty exciting new addition for those who have steering devices. Zwifters have likely noticed the intersection in the past, but now it is finally open to the public.

Instead of being a dirt mountain bike trail, we’ve got a paved obstacle course. Now, there are speed ramps, slowing ramps, and time bonuses. The goal of this course is to get the quickest time possible using the ramps and time bonuses. Be sure to avoid the red ramps, because those slows on down!

One of the big things about the Repack Ridge course was that Zwift did not make any changes to it. It was the same course that riders rode every single time. That’s likely the biggest downsides to this course – the fact that this course could very well be like Repack Ridge where it doesn’t receive any attention from Zwift after release.

More details are available on this separate post and video: coming soon

Teleport Feature

Another highly anticipated feature has arrived in this release. Introducing the all-new teleportation feature!

This feature allows users to teleport to pace partners (RoboPacers) and other riders who they follow. This is a very handy feature, but just know that this will screw up your maps on Zwift Companion and Strava.

You can also use the companion app to teleport, and this option can be found on the companion game bar.

Action Bar Update

Some of the icons on the action bar (the bar that pops up when clicking on the screen) have been updated. Icons include the Coffee Stop, Teleport feature, and emotes. The emotes are now under one designated drop down (technically up) tab. Clicking on the icon will bring up the options of emotes (I’m toast, Ride on, etc).

The Usual

As usual, Zwift fixed the things that they broke in previous updates and added a few additional perks, here are the details from the forums.

  • Fixed an issue in the Ride Report where output wattage was not visible in the Critical Power graph.
  • Fixed an issue where the nameplates of other Zwifters were visible when the Heads-Up Display (HUD) was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue in the Garage where scrolling (via scrollbar) was reversed.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when free riding and joining a private event.
  • Fixed an issue where running events on the event-only Splash and Dash route would not complete as expected.
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Handcycle that could occur after completing a challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to see the position of the text cursor when editing a custom workout title.
  • Fixed an issue where Workout bias adjustment could be decreased to negative values.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect badge titles were shown in the Badges screen.
  • Android: Fixed a crash that could occur after closing the Pairing screen.

Just because Zwift fixed stuff, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t also break stuff in the process! Here is the list for this month…

My Thoughts

Overall, the release was pretty great. Zwift rolled out some of the promised features from the latest “This Season on Zwift.” However, I am slightly worried about the status of the Repack Rush course. It feels as though Zwift put quite a bit of effort into creating this course, so I would hate to see it just sit there like Repack Ridge. I look forward to seeing the future development from Zwift!

Let me know your thoughts down below!

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