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Zwift update released (February 2021)

     Zwift has just released a new update containing the new Colnago V3R. Here is also a list of the bug fixes and small features that were included in this update. These notes are from the zwift forums post here. The iOS update should be out shortly. Zwift recommends that everyone updates their app before the upcoming haute route event to prevent bugs. This update also contains some new fixes for pace partners that expands the drops multipliers depending on how large the group is. This is great for people who ride with C. Cadence because her group is always very large with usually over 100 riders. There is also an odd bug where in my name on zwift it is no longer showing the things that I had in parenthesis. For the update release notes click this link

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts, etc.) have been added or updated.
  • Improved our client versioning to make it easier for users to know what version they are using. Now Zwift client versions will be expressed with a version number (such as 1.10.0) along with a build number in parenthesis.
  • Added an error message when a user is trying to join an event on a route that their current game client does not support. This typically happens when new Zwift worlds are released but users log in with older game clients.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong stage to appear as complete for programs such as Tour de Zwift.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause over steering on Repack Ridge when the game framerate was low.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ground to appear misaligned at the top of the Epic KOM (Earthquakes in Watopia apparently are a thing).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause users to do a u-turn or donuts.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause names to appear incorrectly in the Riders Nearby list.
  • Fixed a bug with the thumbnail of the Super League Community running shirt.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause iOS and TVOS clients to crash on rare occasion.
  • Fixed a bug where bike frame star ratings would not render correct within the window.
  • Removed the app notification badge when Bluetooth notifications are triggered on mobile devices.

Here is a picture of the new colnago!

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