Zwift update released (June 2021)

Zwift just dropped their latest update including a bunch of different things. They rolled out a much wanted feature from the community, specifically the badge hunters out there. The new function now allows you to see the actual distance on the route, including the lead in, which can be pretty annoying for a lot of riders, especially the racers. The new function will also show which badges you already have, and which one you don’t. There were also a lot of bug fixes, here is the list from the forums post. Also a link to the forums post here: .This post is currently being updated with more information and images. Here are some images of the new content that was included in this update. Zwift is currently also working on adding another function that will allow riders to see the route that they are doing the how much is left in the lead in and the route! They have said that it is going to be included in an upcoming release! Here is the list of minor bug fixes and improvements from the Zwift Forums post. I also have some of my thoughts on this recent update down below! Shane Miller has also recently noted that Zwift will be allowing meetups in Yumezi starting on the 28th of June, once the OVS series is finished. That is a much better time than the previously timeline, fall.

The new UI on the route select screen

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved steering when drafting in a large group to make it easier to assimilate into the pack and hold a draft.
  • Improved steering collision to allow riders to ride shoulder to shoulder and move riders into the pack when no steering input is given.
  • Updated the Wahoo Kickr Bike button input. The right top brake hood now triggers Powerup from the upper button and U-turns from the lower button.
  • Added Bluetooth pairing support for the Wahoo Tickr.
  • Improved the PC Zwift Launcher update experience.
  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts, etc.) have been added or updated.
  • The exit button on the Home menu updates to read “Exiting…” during the shutdown process on Mac and PC. Video of it in action:
  • Fixed an issue that would cause riders to swerve into the center of some roads.(My little brother actually experienced this earlier today in one of his first race\’s, glad this has been addressed!)
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent PowerUps from being awarded randomly on Mac, iOS, and ATV.
  • Fixed an issue that would not unlock the sock reward for completing the Back to Fitness training plan.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause text to extend past the Event Audio volume slider box.
  • Made visual improvements to the scenery on Makuri Island.
  • Fixed an issue that would improperly display the Makuri Island lap leaderboard in the Countryside Tour route.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect jersey text would appear after winning a Temple KOM in Makuri Islands.
  • Fixed an issue where paved roads were incorrectly kicking up dirt in Makuri Islands. cough
  • Fixed an issue with the spindown calibration reporting incorrect speed when set to metric units for JetBlack and Elite trainers.
  • Ended support for Zwift on MacOS Yosemite 10.10 devices.
My thoughts
    Overall I think that this is an amazing update, in the past few months Zwift has done a great job addressing the communities requests and there is still more to come! This is great for badge hunters and just everyday riders. The lead in situation was very misleading and I am very glad that this has been fixed. It is also nice to see a graph of the elevation. The buttons on the Wahoo Kickr bike are now even more useful! The buttons can now act as race buttons for serious esports/racers, it will activate your powerup if you push the top button on the hoods. This is pretty cool to have(not a must have for me but it\’s pretty cool), the u turn function as one of the buttons isn\’t the best in my opinion because I hate it when I accidentally take a u turn, a picture button would be pretty cool though. Here is a video of the new exiting UI: Note: kickr bike steering is currently broken along with the new kickr bike features, Zwift is currently looking for a fix. What are your thoughts on this update? Leave a comment below!
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[…] Zwift introduced a much wanted badge hunting feature that would allow you to see which routes you have completed and which routes you haven’t completed from the route selection screen. Zwift would also later add a route progress bar to indicate how much of the route you have remaining. Zwift also gave the ability to create meet ups in Yumezi. Kickr bike steering was also introduced, which was broken that same day. It was fixed in a quick patch around a week later. For more information on this update, head over to this article: […]

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