Zwift Valley to Mountaintop Details


This route was added to Zwift in update 1.16 along with Farmland loop. This route is the second shortest route in the Makuri Islands, it was the 11th route added to the world, all of which are short routes. We haven’t seen any new roads yet but we can see Mt.Fuji in the distance! This route starts near the villages and makes its way up the Temple KOM. At first you will go through a short dirt section that is a slight uphill, then you will go onto pavement for a short amount of time before beginning the dirt climb. Going the opposite direction of the sea to tree route. You will finish at the top of the KOM giving you a nice descent to enjoy once you reach the top. The descent is about 1.5-2 miles long and it goes pretty fast. I would suggest using a mountain bike for the entirety of this route because it is mainly dirt. If you want, you could use a gravel bike, I am not sure if it would save time or not, but it will help on the flats, but lose a bit of time on the dirt compared to a mountain bike.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 100XP

Distance – 3.1 miles/5 kilometers

Elevation – 428ft/130m

Video recording 👇

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