Zwift Vitality for Unicef series announced

This new ride series starts today August 23rd. This ride is to help children get vaccinated against the Polio disease. Every ride that you do will unlock one vaccine for a child around the world. If you complete any of the events, then you will unlock a vaccine for a child, and the Vitality kit and socks! This event ends on the 6th of September. If you complete any of the rides you will also be entered to win a Canyon Ultimate! All of the events will have double draft turned on. There will be one ride every 4 hours of the day, 6 rides everyday.

August 23rd – 25th – Watopia’s Waistband, 1 lap

August 26th – 28th – Makuri Islands Flatland Loop, 2 laps

August 29th – 31th – London Greater London Flat, 2 laps

September 1st – 3rd – France R.G.V. 1 lap

September 4th – 6th – Watopia Tick Tock, 2 laps

Thanks for reading and I hope that you join this event and help save lives around the world. For more information and terms and conditions on the giveaway, head over to this link: To join an event, head over to this link: Any questions or comments, leave a comment below!


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