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This week the Vox Women tour finishes up, this is your last chance to complete these exclusive workouts and unlock the all new kit while your at it! There are recovery rides and workouts throughout the week. The final workout will end on Wednesday I believe and these rides will be back next year!
This week check out the new workout of the week that is released weekly. On wednesdays there are group workouts where you can do the workouts with others. You can do the workout of the week at any time during the week and it can be found under the workout of the week folder under the workouts section. These workouts vary from VO2 workouts, threshold workouts, and race simulations to help build up power and endurance in a short amount of time.
Also check out this weeks Zwift Racing League post by Zwiftinsider that contains all the information you could possibly need about this weeks race including bike choice, tactics, and a map and guide to where the points can be earned. Here is the link to that:

This weeks feature is the drop shop. Released in early 2019 the drop shop is one of the most popular features among Zwifters. Using Drops riders can buy new bikes and wheels with customizable colors and shades! Typically Zwift will add a new bike or two to the drop shop every month when they do their regular releases and occasionally some new wheels. Zwiftinsider has a complete this of all the bikes in game along with their price, level lock, and speeds compared to the other bikes. Riders accumulate drops by riding, there are no drops in running. The harder you work the more drops you earn. Riding on an incline of 3% or more will get you more drops. Along with receiving a ride on and riding with a pace partner! In last weeks video there was a snippet added of me purchasing a new bike from the shop. You can see that in this link: Let me know in the comments what frame or wheels you are saving up for!

Quick Zwift tip
This weeks quick Zwift tip is calibrating your trainer. Zwift calibrating requires you to ride up to a certain speed then let the flywheel spin. This can be done by clicking the wrench in the pairing screen. Calibrating your trainer is important to ensure that you have the most accurate data possible. Zwift and trainer manufacturers recommend calibrating before races and even when not racing every week or so. Some riders even do it everyday. Make sure that you have been riding continuously for at least 10 minutes before calibrating. I have an in depth article on calibrating that can be found here:

This week I am going to race in the Zwift Racing League race, it is 4 laps of Champs Elysses. Not much else is happening this week for me in Zwift, hopefully a ride outside to get some fresh air and a bread from Zwift!

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