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Zwift Weekly Update 11 (new world information)

Recently it has been tough finding quick Zwift tips so I will be removing that category and replacing it with a list of last weeks posts and a brief preview of some of next weeks posts that will be released. Some of this information is found in the World Of Zwift video that basically covers the events that are happening and other things happening in the coming week on Zwift. The link to that is here:

Zwift related news 

    The Zwift Olympics are coming up soon! These races are open to the public and are being held from June 1st until June 27th. It is highly likely that we will see a new world either this week or next week, being Japan if Zwift does decide to release one. Zwift is due to release some new information about this in late May, so in a week or two. Here is one of the teasers that Zwift released earlier today. See if you can read what the map says!

Not much more news this week other than the fact that Zwift will likely be releasing a new world this week along with a new update, most likely on Wednesday. Check back soon!

Last weeks posts and a preview of this weeks

Links to each and every one of the posts:

This week look out for another recap of my Zwift Racing League experience, share your experience in the comments below! We will be racing Magnificent 8 and it is a TTT. There will be an update released sometime this week so be ready for hopefully some exciting news! This week I will also dive into the WTRL thursday TTT’s, how they work, and how you can get involved in the fun.


    Zwift has just released a teaser for a new world/course. They described it as an ancient world, however the mini map posted on the wall of the train was too small to see exactly where/what this route will be. We will likely see this route get released on Wednesday. My guess is that it will be either somewhere in Egypt because when I think of ancient, that is what I think of. There have been really strong rumors about Japan so Japan is likely going to be the one released. The inside line was also on the World of Zwift episode which is only used on the week of the new update. He did not include any information about it but fingers crossed that it will get released sometime this week! Wes Salmon, the lead game designer on Zwift was oddly talking about powerups and the drop shop. He did have some odd buttons on his drop shop, more on that soon! What do you think it will be? Leave a comment below! Here is a link to the video that teases a new world: Link


This week I continued my journey to becoming a full time B category race. I tackled two B category races. 1 of them was pretty competitive with over 30 riders and a 4.5wpk average to keep up coming in 14th. The next race was 9th place with just over 15 riders and an average of 4.1wpk. Pretty decent results this week along with a Tabata ride and a few outdoor rides.

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