Zwift weekly update 4

Zwift related news

This week Tour4Kids wrapped up in a very exciting way. The final results are out on this post and the KOM and Sprint segment winners will be announced as soon as paul finishes doing the last 3 stages segments. The winner was Bertie Widdowson. Second place was Peter Mitchell, and coming in third was Tim Schaf.

Zwift Zipp Classics announced. Zipp has been working with Zwift to put on the Zwift Classics event that will be taking place all the way until around May. There are some rumors going around about a possible new Zipp Wheelset that may be unlocked on the last stage. There is more information on a separate post published earlier this week.


Last week the pace partners routes changed and there is now a schedule for each week. The Pace Partners change routes every Monday or Sunday depending on where you live. They will rotate between 3 different routes for each bot. The pace partners have been on the same route for several months with occasional accidental switches so this is a very welcome change for most who like a variety of different routes. This week, the most popular pacer bot Coco Cadence should be on Sand and Sequoias, the route that Bowie Brevet previously was on. The pace partners have many abilities in the world of Zwift including PR bots which has over 600 votes in the Zwift Forums feature requests.

Quick Zwift tip

This weeks quick Zwift tip is all about Zwifts hidden achievements. There are several hidden achievements that you can get on Zwift. Hidden achievements are the achievements that are not listed on the official badges. An example of this is Sub on hour alpe du zwift, or the 100kph badge. These typically offer around 500 xp. Some are 500 or 5000 depending on which one you get. One of the hardest achievements on Zwift is the everesting badge, this one is also a hidden badge and offers thousands of XP for those who achieve it. There is a complete list of hidden achievements on this post from Zwift insiderĀ


Of course, you always need the Me section. This week I spend a lot of time processing the standings, re writing them into a better format, I did get 3rd place in a B category race, although there were only 7 riders there I still got top 3. I also did a sub 10 minute desert segment challenge, I accomplished this first try averaging 5.1 wpk, it was absolutely brutal and I got the time of 9:51 solo on a TT bike. What are your fastest times in the desert segment? Comment below!

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