Zwift weekly update 5

     For this weeks weekly update there is a lot of news with Zwift along with the Zwift Trikes that many of you got to ride on this Thursday! For this weeks news there is some information about the new Canyon Speedmax, and some information about Trike. For the features I will be diving into the flexible training plans, in the quick Zwift tip there will be more information about training plans, registering, changing the finish date, etc.

Zwift related news

    Zwift has changed the speed of the new Canyon Speedmax SLX and it is now the fastest TT frame by around 3 seconds according to Zwiftinsiders tests that were released recently. The bike is locked until level 26 and costs around 870,000 drops.

    The Trike was used again for April fools day which is a joy to many who were not enrolled in Zwift when it was originally used a few years ago. You can check out my youtube channel Zwift For Kids which was information about it and a few videos of it. Many riders who have the tron bike got to use a tron version of the trike which had light up wheels and different handlebars which was really cool, here are a few images.

An odd sprinting position on the Tron Trike!


    In Zwift\’s most recent update they released the change to training plans so that you don\’t only have 24 hours to do the workouts, all of the weeks workouts are unlocked on Monday and you can choose whenever you want to do them throughout the week. This is an important change to training plan lovers that don\’t have a lot of time and that are not consistent on the time/day that they work out. This makes it a lot more flexible. Zwift has also stated that they are not done improving workouts, they will continue adding workout related things for the next few updates and they are working on the ability to change the end date of training plans during the training plan, also selecting the days that work best for you to work out and do the plan. 

The training plan view from Zwift Companion

Quick Zwift Tip

This weeks quick Zwift tip is to try a training plan or workout. Zwift has over 1000 workouts to choose from all from professional coaches! They are designed to improve your fitness, make you stronger, and to give you something to do on Zwift. The workouts can be controlled by Erg mode which helps you hit the target power by increasing resistance, cadence, etc. If you are going to try a workout I would recommend doing it in Erg mode because it will help you hit that target power. These workouts can help you gain a lot of fitness and strength to help improve your racing skills and your overall power! There is also text that appears on the screen to help encourage you to push through the intervals, this really helps motivate a lot of riders.

An upcoming workout that I have on my training plan


I have been able to get out and ride outside for the past few weeks which has been great a I got a PR on a pretty popular strava segment in our area called Old La Honda, a post more in depth about that soon. I did not do much racing, I did set a new FTP in a B category race! A video is out now so you can watch that on my channel. I have now enrolled in Zwift\’s Zwift Racing training plan which I hope will help me improve my power and racing skills/technique!

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2023 years ago

Well on 2 crit city races there was anti sandbagging and it waS not a zhq features

2023 years ago

Really? Where did you find that?

2023 years ago

but it is still optional for the event ccreator

2023 years ago

And I think they let out Anti sandbagging in the update with the canyon speedmax

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