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Zwift weekly update 6

Zwift related news

Season 3 of Zwift Racing League kicks off! The very popular Zwift racing league is back and just started last week! Race 2 of season 3 is 3 laps of Beach Island Loop which will be a tough one for many because of the pretty long sprint that takes place each lap. The sprint is around 25 seconds long, sometimes less depending on the draft.

Zwift U15 Championships announced. I have recently announced the U15 championships for rider 15 and under! Please join and the link for sign up is here:! All are welcome as long as you are 15 or under. This is one of the bigger races of the season taking place over around 4 1/2 laps of the richmond UCI ending on the short steep sprint.


This weeks feature is the clubs feature! The clubs feature is currently being tested for quite a few of the longer standing and bigger clubs, most with over 1000 riders. The clubs feature is more of an events editor tool but Zwift is looking to make it more like a clubs feature. Some of the more interactive features for the riders in the club is the club that, you can filter to see club mileage, and you can join riders in your clubs anytime you want on the select rider screen. Zwift has recently said that they are looking to expand the clubs feature to even more clubs which means majority of the Zwifters won\’t be seeing the feature for awhile. While this is disappointing it is also good to see Zwift expanding the feature rather than letting it sit around.

Quick Zwift Tip

This weeks quick Zwift tip is around giving ride ons. When riding with a pace partner it is very hard to give everyone a ride on. Through the companion app you can give ride ons to 5 riders around you by clicking a bubble around the orange arrow which shows where you are. This is very helpful for spreading motivation to other riders during free rides with other riders. This feature needs 5 seconds to recharge. The feature also does not work during events but the leader of events and meetups can still give mass ride ons and the recharge is only a few seconds!


Of course, never forget the Me section! This week was an interesting week, I went back to school in person for the first time in over a year, I rode 100km outside for the first time, and we got DQ from race 1 of Zwift Racing League. In Zwift Racing League TTT\’s, if one rider is a B category rider, the whole team gets DQ, that is what happened to us even though our time put us in 2nd place. I have ridden 100km a few times indoors but never did it outside, my dad and I chose a pretty flat route and had a pretty fast speed of around 16 mph for the whole 63 miles, link to strava activity:

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