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Zwift Weekly update 9

     This week for the weekly update I am going to cover some of the events happening soon, the pace partners changing so that they are not run by someone, and whats been going on with me! This post is released every week on Mondays at midnight(no I am not up at midnight typing this up, it is an auto post feature).

Zwift related news

This week Zwift Racing League will be on a very tough course for most! There are two climbs where points can be earned on this weeks route cobbled climbs, 23rd street and libby hill KOM. The best bike according to Zwift insder is a mixed bike, so tron. A/B will do 5 laps of the course, C/D will do 3 laps. The A/B length will definitely feel like a very long race, because it is!

This week the Giant Crit Crushers start on Thursday, three different time zones for the different parts of the world. If you complete both races you will unlock the official bike. If you complete any you will get the all new giant kit or liv kit depending on your gender and which event that you enter. Women can enter both categories to get both kits!

This week the Vox women tour starts, with the first weeks workout and a lot of recovery rides in between. Men and women will both get the same kit and women can enter both the mixed category and the women only category.


This weeks feature is the Pace Partners. Earlier this week Zwift tried to move their pace partners so that they are built into the game, rather than having someone, one of their employees controlling the pace partners likely with an Ant+ simulator. They were trying to make it so that it was built into the game so that it would eventually graduate from Futureworks! The release ended up preventing the pace partners from drafting which messed everything up, slowing the pace partners a ton, especially Coco Cadence, who usually has a large group around her. The good news is, Zwift reverted back to the old version until they figure things out, the pace partners are now working properly and drafting like normal! This update was also supposed to give the pace partners the ability to later on have less break times and roam on different worlds other than Watopia! This is great news to hear that Zwift is making progress on the much loved pace partners! Stay tuned for more information on what comes next and when!

Quick Zwift tip

This weeks quick Zwift tip is all around the color slider on most bikes. If you go into the drop shop there is a color slider than allows you to change the color of your bike to pretty much any color except oddly, red. This color slider is very helpful for riders who love to match their in game equipment such as their kit, helmet, and socks! Here is a quick video of the color slider in action! Enjoy! Link:


This week I attempted 2 B category crit city races. One of the races I got 8th against a more competitive and stacked field, and the second race was just against more average B category races in which I got 6th in! These are both great results for B, it reminds me of when I was just moving up from D to C! I look forward to Zwift Racing League this week and another B race or two! I am getting closer and closer to a full time B cat!

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