Zwift WHOOP Training Series Details

The WHOOP Training Series has just been announced on Zwift. This is a workout series led by professional athletes for both runners and cyclists. The three week training program features Lionel Sanders, Alex Howes, and the Tinman Elite running team. The series begins on January 3rd 2022, and ends on the 22nd of January.

Zwift says that this is your chance to ride and chat with these professional athletes, if you complete any ride or run you will unlock either the run kit or the ride kit depending on what type of event you do. There will be three different categories for each of the workouts, each with workouts according to your level of fatigue by WHOOP. If you own a WHOOP, then you are already familiar with this, for those who aren’t “Green: Your body is well-recovered and primed to go all out, Yellow: Your body isn’t fully recovered but is still ready for moderate efforts, Red: Your body is fatigued, and you should take it easy today.”

Event sign up will be added shortly.

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