Zwift workout // The XP workout

This is a workout that I have mentioned previously. It has helped me level up a lot and has earned me lots of XP that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. This workout should be done up the Alpe in Erg mode to get the full benefit of the workout. Even if you do not do this workout up the Alpe, it is still great for working on endurance. This whole workout is in Zone 2 which should be a pretty easy effort. This workout should get you up the Alpe in around 70 minutes if you hold around 2.8 or slightly less depending on how much you weigh. You may need to adjust the workout so that it will last the full duration of the Alpe, whether that is making it shorter or longer. For me this workout got me around 2200 XP when the spinning wheel landed on the wheels.

Here is the workout that you can download:

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