Zwift Zracing Chase Race Series

Zwift is currently about to host their first Autocategorization event in awhile. This event will be open to the public like the Zwift classics series. For more information on Autocategorization, head over to this support article: The three things that you will need before signing up for the event is a Zwift account, Zwift Power account, A WTRL account, and make sure all of those accounts are connected to your Zwift account. Note for women: There are no women only categories, but WTRL will consider it if there are enough women signed up.

Sign up

There will be multiple different time zones/slots that riders can join depending on which time works best for them. Riders can sign up for the event at this page: Once you sign up, WTRL will go through your prior data, and categorize you in A, B, C, D, or E. You will automatically be moved up and down after races based off of your performance. Zwift is currently testing Autocat based off of the speed of your prior races. For a complete list of all of the events, head over to this page:

More details

For each event there will also be three different power-ups that a rider can get. For details on which power-ups are on for which events, go to the event details. Since this race is a chase race, riders will be placed in staggered starts, the slowest will start first, the fastest will start last. Each category will have its own assigned kit. The kits are just the category color with A, B, C, D, or E written on it.


Here is an example of a chase race format race.

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