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Zwift ZRacing Criterium Races

Zwift have just added a bunch of new events to the event calendar. These will be taking the place of the standard Crit City races that happened every few hours. These events will begin on the 12th of June. One of the goals of these events is to provide events that are consistently at the same time each week. All of these races should last less than an hour. Most of these races will be around 30 minutes or less for most categories.

Special rules/features

Zwift will be using category enforcement for these races, and they will only have a few selected power ups based on the route.

5 laps Neokyo Crit Course // Burrito & Ghost

8 laps The Bell Lap // Anvil & Draft & Ghost

5 laps Duchy Estate // Draft & Aero

10 laps Downtown Dolphin // Feather & Draft & Ghost


To browse all upcoming Crit Races, head over to this Zwift Hacks link: Zwift events link:

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