Zwift ZRacing Get Rolling Announced

Instead of doing the traditional Crit City races, Zwift has decided to spice things up a bit more by having a new theme every month. This month, the theme is “Get Rolling”. These are fast rolling courses across 4 of Zwift’s worlds.


These races will be happening throughout the month of September, with a few races everyday.

Stage 1: September 5-11 – Queen’s Highway – 5 Laps

This will be 5 laps of the Queen’s Highway route in Yorkshire. It is a decently hilly course, so an all-arounder frame will be best for this course.

Stage 2: September 12-18 – Sand and Sequoias – 1 lap

This is one lap of the Sand and Sequoias route. It is a very flat course until you hit the Titan’s Grove portion of the course. An aero frame and wheelset is best for this course. There will also be some dinosaur rides for this race. It is a rare opportunity to use the dino suit in Zwift!

Stage 3: September 19-25 – Douce France – 1 Lap

Race one lap of a course used in the virtual Tour De France in 2020! This is a rolling course until you hit the halfway mark. After you hit the half way mark, it is pretty much pan flat. An aero frame and wheelset is best for this course.

Stage 4: September 26-October 2 – Park Perimeter Loop – 2 laps

This is two laps of the perimeter loop in New York. This course covers most of the roads in the New York park. This route is probably going to take around 30 minutes for riders to finish.

Zwift Power GC

There will also be a Zwift Power GC for this series. The league will be based off of time, so the faster you finish the race, the better you will do in the GC standings.

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