Zwift Flatland Loop Details


This route is very similar to Countryside tour but without the Temple KOM, making it a dirt free ride. This is a relatively flat course, with a few small hills here and there. The route starts and ends at the lap banner. The route goes through 2 sprints, and one lap banner each lap. This is a pretty fast and flat course and takes around 30 minutes. The best bike for this route would be the fastest bike you have. The fastest set up would be the Cervelo S5 2020 with the DT Swiss disc wheel. You can get the orange jersey too by being the fastest rider to do the Flatland loop lap.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 260XP

Distance – 8.1 miles/13 kilometers

Elevation – 325ft/99m

Video recording

A video recording is currently not available. This post will be updated as soon as a video is available.

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