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Zwift PretzelFest Announced

Zwift has just announced a new inaugural ride series. Many Zwifters pointed out that the Lederhose kit was added to Zwift in the latest game release. This is going to likely be an unlock exclusive to this series. Here are the details on the PrezelFest, a three stage Zwift series. Note: There is also a […]

How to Get Zwift’s Fire Socks

In the latest game release, Zwift introduced a new “feature” and pair of socks. These are the new fire socks. The fire socks are unlocked at level 50, and are already unlocked for those who are level 50+. Zwift actually re-used the trail of fire effect from the 2019 April Fool’s. How much power required? […]

Zwift Update September Released 1.29

Today is game release day! The latest game release is now available on Mac, PC, Android and iOS. Overview Zwift has just released version 1.29. This is the September monthly game release and it included a few new things. This was by far the biggest update that we have seen in a very long time. […]

Zwift Releases Zwift Hub Smart Trainer

Earlier this morning Zwift announced a new direct drive smart trainer, the Zwift Hub. The goal of releasing this trainer is to make the Zwift set up easy for those who are unfamiliar with indoor training. The trainer is also very budget friendly for the smart trainer industry. Prefer to watch? The trainer will be […]

Tour4kids Edition 5 Details

Tour4kids is back! This time the race will be using a completely new format, we hope you enjoy it! Note: Prizes will be available if we can get more than 50 riders signed up for the event. What is Tour4kids? Tour4kids is a series of races for riders ages 17 and under. The series consists […]


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