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Zwift ZRacing Get Rolling Announced

Instead of doing the traditional Crit City races, Zwift has decided to spice things up a bit more by having a new theme every month. This month, the theme is “Get Rolling”. These are fast rolling courses across 4 of Zwift’s worlds. Stages These races will be happening throughout the month of September, with a […]

Tune Into the ZRace Central Live Stream Tomorrow!

I will be live streaming the ‘Wednesday Worlds’ race tomorrow at 11:10 AM PDT. Tune in for some fun live coverage and commentary. I will be commentating on the race with my co-host Ryan Nickerson. Please leave a like and subscribe! Nearly at 300 subscribers – 300 subscriber special will be releasing once I hit […]

Rund Um Innsbruck Zwift Classics // Innsbruckring

Overview Week 6 of the Zwift classics takes riders around the Innsbruckring course 2.5 times. The race finishes on the leg snapper, so this is bound to be a tough race. The Course On this course, riders will do 2.5 laps of Innsbruckring, a 5.5 mile course. This route tackles the well-known Leg Snapper, a […]

Chasing Red Series Announced

The creator of the Chasing Yellow series that occured during the Tour De France is back with the Chasing Red series. For those of you cycling fantics, you may already know what this tour is based off of, but for those who don’t, this is based off of the Vuelta e Espana. The Vuelta is […]

Zwift Team Time Trial Mode Announced

Zwift has just announced that they will be testing the new Zwift team time trial mode with WTRL on August 18th. This test will be open for all riders to join, and it will be the first public test of this feature. Essentially what this feature does is it gives teams a designated start time, […]

Zwift Update August Released 1.28

Today is game release day! The latest game release is now available on Mac, PC, Android and iOS. Overview In game version 1.28, Zwift deprecated tons of OS’ in order to make way for new content, features, and roads. Zwift assures us that these things are coming soon, and I would expect to see some […]


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