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My thoughts on the August update

    In the article earlier I explained what features came out. In this article I will be writing about what my opinion is about the new update. Overall the update was great but there were a few things that zwift did not do that I was hoping for.

    My favorite thing about the update was probably the meetup features because for team kids we always want to do races but we never know who actually won. Especially on close races. I also really like that you can late join for meetups now. Late join is super helpful because people often miss events by a few minutes, now even if that happens they can still join.

    One thing that I think zwift could have done was release rowing. Even though rowing is a big feature, eric min still said in the next few weeks, but I think it has been around a month since that interview. I think that they could have replaced the steering feature with the rowing feature but the steering feature is still a great feature. In my opinion it kinda defeats the purpose if i have to buy a steering piece.

    I hope you enjoyed the article! If you would like to discuss the new update you can do so on the comments bar! One small feature that I really like was that you can actually change the color of the SL7 from multicolor to a solid color. Thanks for reading! Ride On! Here is a link to new steering block

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