Zwift May 2021 update released (it’s big!)

The update is currently out on Mac, PC, and Android. iOS is currently out.

Zwift has just dropped a new update releasing the Yumezi world that will likely be used for the Zwift esports Olympics that all riders will be allowed to join. Eric Min, the CEO of Zwift also just rode this route earlier this morning. This world will likely be something like Watopia where it starts off small but slowly begins to grow. This world is clearly very well designed by the designers at Zwift. They have also released a lot of bug fixes and improvements to a lot of different things. The full list is listed below. Having any issues with the update? Leave a comment below or on the Zwift forums page and I will try my best to help. Zwift has recently been releasing a lot of teasers for the new world and it has finally arrived. An update to the companion app will be released soon so that riders can access the world through meetups and they will be added to the world rotation schedule. Earlier Zwift also released a companion update that contained the new map, Zwift also released numerous teasers about the update. There will be a post that is completely about the new world that will be released later today, stay tuned! A few other things to note that were in this update were the. This post will be updated with more information as we find out more, let me know if you find anything and share it in the comments below! Here are some pictures and a link to the previous post about this with all of the teasers released: Teasers. Note: This post is currently being updated as I find out more about the update. Riders will be able to ride in the new world starting tomorrow. New roval wheelsets have been added along with a new bike! More information and pictures on those soon! Here is the list of Bug fixes and improvements from the Zwift forums post. Here is a link to Zwiftinsiders post where the speed tests will be released: Currently the only way to ride the new world is the World Hack feature in this post: The world will be for the next 11 days starting tomorrow! A video recording of the new world will also be uploaded shortly after I finish the ride. Here is the video link: Here are a few more things that were included in the update. The Vox women tour workouts are now in a separate folder so you can do them whenever you would like, and new workout of the weeks. See this post for information on the new world:

  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts, etc.) have been added or updated.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause podcast audio to fail to play on iOS / AppleTV devices.
  • Fixed bugs that would cause workout information to appear in the wrong place when completing multiple activities in a single session.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Wattbike users from seeing the Wattbike kit in game.
  • Fixed a bug causing UI to not be visible in Repack Ridge when riding a KICKR Bike.
  • Fixed a naming issue with the ZIPP 353 wheelset in the drop shop and garage.
  • Fixed typos in workouts for Zwift Academy Tri 2020.
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong textures to be used for wheels in the drop shop.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause misalignment between the rear wheel and the bike frame in the drop shop.
  • Fixed bugs where “Event is Starting”, “CALORIES”, and “ADD A TARGET” text was not localized.
  • Fixed a crash for ANT+ users with Elite devices.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to set their name as a simple space character.
  • Fixed a bug on Android where some Bluetooth UI text was not properly localized.
  • Fixed a bug causing some objects to appear in places where they should not.
  • Fixes a bug causing Road Feel to not work correctly for Tacx Neo 2T trainer users.
  • Fixed a bug for Zwifters using Zwift Companion device pairing when returning to the home screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing invisible riders and runners on the Figure 8 route in Watopia.
  • Reduced the memory usage of in-game leaderboards.
  • Fixed a crash for Zwifters using a CompuTrainer
My thoughts on the update
    I think that this update was at the perfect time. After going almost a year without a new world has been hard with only minor expansions in December. I think that the community needed this and I definitely needed this as I was starting to get really bored of Zwift. Hopefully we will see more expansions to this new world as I feel that this world has a lot of potential. There is also a very technial looking area in the center of the world which looks like a fun twisty crit course! I will definitely be riding this new world later today! Expect more images to be added shortly. There will also be a separate post about the new world being released tomorrow once I have ridden the new world. Here are some images of the bikes added and the route badges that were added. More images and information will be added soon.
Overall I think that this was an amazing update. For more information there is another post linked above and here is a video of me riding one of the routes in Yumezi!

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2023 years ago

The world itself is called Makuri islands, this part of the world is called Yumezi. Zwift has confirmed that they will be adding more onto this world and there is a separate post about the world coming out soon.

2023 years ago

Oops Makuri*

2023 years ago

Yumezi is for the map name, in the Makuru Islands

2023 years ago

I think it is called makuri islands, not yumezi. I just had a look at it using the world hack. Here’s how to do the world hack:

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